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What is a Nigerian Dwarf?"

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We have a herd that has been tested and is healthy and bringing in outside goats could put that at risk. Sorry, we do not offer stud services.

Prairie Wood Maximillion Blue
Chocolate Swiss Marked, Some Moon Spots, Blue Eyes
Sire: NCPromisedLand RC Bonafide
Dam: MCH Prairie Wood Bella

Bella's Udder, Picture by Lora Kniffin

Max info
Max Pedigree

Linear Appraisal: 86
Lil Forest Rascals Charming
Cream Colored
Polled with Blue Eyes
Sire: 3 Funny Kids Snickersalltheway
Dam: Lil Forest Rascals Pudding
Linear Appraisal: 81
Lil Forest Rascals Maverick
Tri-Colored with Blue Eyes
For Sale $200
Proven Buck
Sire: Thunder Mountain Patches
Dam: Prarie Wood Haylie
Linear Appraisal: 83
Lil Forest Rascals Buddy Blue
Buckskin with White and Blue Eyes
Sire: Velvet-Acres Lil Red Buttons
Dam: Crowly Manor Bella
Linear Appraisal: 85